Agent Appointment Form – SFDC Integration

  • 60 month Appointment Term (renewable for multiple terms).
  • Appointed Agents receive licensed use of three (3) EstateCLOUD™, FINRA listed & recognized, Professional Designations: the REP™ (Registered Estate Planner™), the REBP™ (Registered Employee Benefits Professional™), and one (1) of their choice.
  • Appointed Agents are required to engage a minimum of one (1) adopting employer/group each year, resulting in at least one (1) enrolling employee or pay the required non-production licensing fee (NPLF) of $399 for that year. Agents remain the writing agent for all groups that adopt EstateCLOUD™ so long as licensed & appointed.
  • Appointed Agents agree to have a Producer’s Contract with IMO; innovative Insurance Partners (IIP) with a commission share of 70/30. 70% to Agent. 30% to IIP.
    *Commission share is only for production associated with EstateCLOUD™ clients*

By submitting appointment, you are agreeing to affiliate with EstateCLOUD, Inc. and abide by all details as outlined within the EstateCLOUD™ Appointment Terms & Conditions, and our Privacy Policy. Your information remains private, only shared with EstateCLOUD™ partners. Your IP Address is tracked and captured with form submittal and is binding as part of your eSignature.

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Minimum Annual Production Requirements

As an appointed Agent with EstateCLOUD that I am required to secure at least one (1) adopting group that results in at least one (1) enrolling employee to EstateCLOUD each year of my five (5) year appointment term or pay a $399 fee for any year that I do not meet this production requirement.

Agent Appointment Term

The Agent Appointment Term is 5 years/60 months and is renewable for additional terms so long as I remain licensed and in good standing.

EPC Professional Designation Choice (Select all that apply):

Commission Share Arrangement

I will go on each product application for 70% (at my contract level) and IIP will go on the same applications for 30% (at their contract level), and this commission share arrangement ONLY applies to EstateCLOUD clients due to EstateCLOUD handling all sourcing, scheduling, and coordination with the client.

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