Agent Designation Form – SFDC Integration

  • 60 month Appointment Term (renewable for multiple terms).
  • Appointed Agents receive licensed use of three (3) EstateCLOUD™, FINRA listed & recognized, Professional Designations: the REP™ (Registered Estate Planner™), the REBP™ (Registered Employee Benefits Professional™), and one (1) of their choice.
  • Appointed Agents are required to engage a minimum of one (1) adopting employer/group each year, resulting in at least one (1) enrolling employee or pay the required non-production licensing fee (NPLF) of $399 for that year. Agents remain the writing agent for all groups that adopt EstateCLOUD™ so long as licensed & appointed.
  • Appointed Agents agree to have a Producer’s Contract with IMO; innovative Insurance Partners (IIP) with a commission share of 70/30. 70% to Agent. 30% to IIP.
    *Commission share is only for production associated with EstateCLOUD™ clients*

By submitting appointment, you are agreeing to affiliate with EstateCLOUD, Inc. and abide by all details as outlined within the EstateCLOUD™ Appointment Terms & Conditions, and our Privacy Policy. Your information remains private, only shared with EstateCLOUD™ partners. Your IP Address is tracked and captured with form submittal and is binding as part of your eSignature.

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