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  • Estate Plan Club™ | Individual Employee Enrollment

    This enrollment form represents your formal request to become a Member of The Estate Plan Club™ to have our Estate Plan documents prepared to incorporate your personal information and wishes for Life and Legacy. Your Estate Plan Club™ membership shall include annual updates for the rest of your life made by you to keep your Estate Plan current and compliant. The Estate Plan Club™ membership includes: (1) Last Will and Testament structured as a Pour-over Will, (2) Revocable Living Trust, (3) Medical Directives, (3) Durable Powers of Attorney (Financial, Medical, and Mental Health), (4) Multiple Powers of Attorney, (5) Executor Plan, (6) Guardian Plan, (7) Social Media Plan, (8) Retirement/Analysis Plan, (9), Asset Protection Plan, (10), Risk/Insurance Plan, (11) Long Term Care Plan, (12) Long Term Care Plan, (13) Business Succession Plan, (14) Memorial Plan, (15) Pet Provisions, (16) Annual Estate Plan Updates for life with continued, multi-faceted Estate Plan Assessment & Analysis. All Estate Plan Club™ Member Estate Plans are accessible 24/7 through a dedicated & secure file share through Google Drive™ with a dedicated Member Portal. You are receiving the declared core value of this Estate Plan over 20 years of servicing exceeds $50,000 ($12,000 Initial Estate Plan Value + $2,000 per year for 20 years), and more than $100,000 when including nominal interest. VALUE COMPARISON: In a typical Estate Plan you would be required to pay the initial estate plan cost upfront (i.e. $12,000), and $2,000 per year (typically $350/hr. x 6 hours) to keep plans current & compliant - This is the primary reason Estate Planning is not done. With Estate Plan Club™ membership you only pay a low monthly fee, receiving your value upfront to protect you and your life. Because you are receiving the initial estate plan documents prepared for your person, there are no refunds, and membership is only cancelable by death. Employees who become Members by way of Employer Sponsored Group Benefit pay only a fraction of this cost through an initial payment of $29, and $29/month (if Single) or an initial payment of $49, and $49/month (if Married) by auto-draft from your desired credit (or bank debit) card

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