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The Estate Plan Club™ is America’s premier Estate Plan document preparation and storage service that provides its Member Clients with comprehensive Estate Plan document preparation to remain current and compliant for life – all at a fraction of the would-be cost through monthly membership. The Estate Plan Club™ makes a typically expensive and complicated plan simple, allowing all American’s to have an Estate Plan completed to properly plan for life and legacy. U.S. Estate Planners, Inc. is the creator, owner, and operates as The Estate Plan Club™, with Top Tier service partners such as Baker Tilly, Iron Mountain, and many others affording world-class support to Americans in 147 countries with nearly 100,000 professionals worldwide, and a national Agent network.

Minimum age of Membership is 18 years old, the legal age of an adult in the United States.

There is no maximum age to become a member of The Estate Plan Club™. Legally, you simply need to be in sound Mind & Body – able to make decisions for yourself.

Estate Plan Club™ Membership

  • Single Membership (1 person) = $29/month
  • Married Membership (2 people) = $49/month
  • Membership Term = 20 years/240 months (covered for life)
    • EPC delivers its $12,000-valued Estate Plan within 30 days of Member Profile registration
    • EPC delivers its $2,000-valued annual updates for life … completely FREE!

*Estate Plan Club™ Membership lasts the full length of your life to make sure your Estate Plan is kept current. There are no further Member dues after 20 years/240 months – no matter how long you live.
**To ensure EPC is paid, EPC covers (and pays for) all final expense [life] insurance on all Members to keep membership dues low/affordable, allowing its Members to only pay a fraction (approx. 20%) of the actual Estate Plan cost through their membership payments.
Sample Value: $12,000-valued Initial Estate Plan + $2,000-valued Annual Updates for life = $52,000. If you include 5.75% interest, thats more than $100,000 in value! Members only pay a fraction of the cost through their monthly payment! Instead of paying for your estate plan upfront with costly annual updates, we make it possible through fixed membership payments without charging for typically costly annual updates. Truly an incredible value to protect your life, your family, and your legacy.

If you’re part of the few Americans that have done some form of Estate Planning with a Will or even a Living Trust, you likely have placed the document in a file at home or in a safe deposit box at your local bank – only for it to age and not be updated with the changes in your life – making the document not current or consistent with your current wishes, and likely not worth the paper it was written on. Most do this because they do not want to spend the thousands of dollars to properly have important annual updates – which is a common mistake and among the many reasons Estate Planning is avoided or done improperly. Membership to The Estate Plan Club™ is designed to keep you current, and updated throughout your life – to make sure your life & legacy is properly protected, conveyed and fully accessible through our secure Member portal – anytime, anywhere, 24/7 for either convenience or emergency. Membership to The Estate Plan Club™ is a responsibility every adult should partake in. We make it easy and affordable to have a top-level Estate Plan and a safe, secure, always accessible environment for your vital documents and records.

Membership with The Estate Plan Club™ is a 20-year/240 month commitment (deemed paid for life), whereas you receive our $12,000-valued complete Estate Plan within 30 days of profile registration, and FREE $2,000-valued updates for life. Should you become unable or unwilling to pay, your annual updates and account will be frozen and locked until your membership is brought current. The Estate Plan Club™ is a deemed a creditor, delivering your comprehensive Estate Plan within a few weeks of your joining, and as a creditor, has a significant insurable interest in each Member’s life. To ensure EPC is ultimately paid, EPC covers (and pays for) all final expense [life] insurance on its Members to keep membership dues low/affordable, allowing its Members to only pay a fraction (20%) of the actual Estate Plan cost per their obligated membership payments. EPC is built to help you, not hurt you.
Example: $12,000-valued Initial Estate Plan + $2,000-valued Annual Updates for life = $52,000. Add 5.75% interest and that more than $100,000.
Member only pay a fraction of the cost through their monthly payment x 240 payments = $5,700 – $8,500 over 20 years! Truly an incredible value!

There are many!
(1) Affordability – Members only pay a fraction (1/5th or 20%) of the actual estate plan cost, with the remainder paid through a Final Expense [Life] Insurance Policy, paid for & owned by The Estate Plan Club™ to provide you with a top-level estate plan without the major expense,
(2) FREE Updates for Life – Members enjoy FREE estate plan updates for life to assure their wishes are always Current & Compliant. This would typically cost an average of $2,000/year, which over your lifetime can easily save more than $40,000 alone!
(3) World-class Expert Support – Members get Top Tier support – unavailable to most due to the typical expense most charge for such servicing. The power of the group allows for greater resources to be enjoyed by all,
(4) Full Estate and Retirement Analysis & Assessment
– Estate Plan Club™ Members get a full analysis & assessment of all aspects of their estate from their legacy wishes to asset protection, retirement, tax mitigation, insurance coverages, real estate, business succession, guardianship, exit & transition planning, and more in the form of  a continued Opinion Memorandum to give you our perspective on the things you should be conscious of to fortify your life and legacy plan,
(5) Complete, Inter-related Estate Plan – a comprehensive estate (and life) plan to cover all aspects of life & legacy that over your life would cost more than $50,000 for a low monthly fee, with 16 section plan to cover the many aspects of your life and legacy,
(6) One-Stop-Shop – Members enjoy a single place/hub where all aspects of their estate a memorialized, to maintain the plan to enhance your life and legacy,
(7) Concierge Services – Members need not seek additional services. With world-class, Top Tier Experts, should you need additional services, The Estate Plan Club™ will locate resources for you, your life, and your estate because we know exactly what to look for to make sure the right hand knows what the left is doing – all the time. The Estate Plan Club™ is how planning should be.

Your confidential, Estate Plan Profile is uploaded to your dedicated file within our safe and secure Member Portal – its easy.

The Estate Plan Club™ creates an Estate Plan file within our Secure, Top Tier, Member Portal adjoined to our dedicated Google Drive™. Members enjoy 24/7/365 anytime access to make updates or view, so that no matter where you are, so long as you have an internet connection, you have 24/7/365 anytime access to your Estate Plan documents – essential should you have a medical emergency, hospitalization, care disputes, or death. Letting your family, or assigned Executor know how to access these records is important in the event you are incapacitated.
The Estate Plan Club™ creates complete Estate Plan access without having to retrieve documents from home or a safe deposit box – neither of which is convenient or available in the palm of your hand – anytime, anywhere. The Estate Plan Club™ provides far more than convenience, and can be the difference between life and death, peace or duress, or the declaration of one’s wishes without emotional debate. Having such a plan in place assures your wishes are known, and in many cases will eliminate family in-fighting or fall-out, leading to the destruction of the family unit. This alone may be the greatest gift you can give your family. Reason alone to prioritize Estate Plan Club™ membership.

Should you become Divorced or Widowed, your Estate Plan would be updated accordingly as part of your annual update, and your Membership will change to a Single Member – following your wishes as directed.

Should your personal status go from Single to Married, your Membership would also change if you decided to include your new spouse (which we advise). Your new spouse would be able to enjoy the savings too as together your monthly membership dues would be much lower than if separate. We would of course, need to completely amend your Estate Plan to incorporate your new spouse. However, worry not, as this is easily done as part of your updates for life with The Estate Plan Club™. We’re your partner for life.

Baker Tilly is one of the world’s largest professional service firms with expertise in all aspects of accounting, tax, audit, private wealth, retirement planning, business planning, and of course estate planning. Having nearly 45,000 people in 147 countries worldwide creates a massive support system for The Estate Plan Club™ to be of resource to its valued Members. Iron Mountain, brings additional, and substantial credibility and resource as the world’s top records management firm, with more than 250,000 clients world-wide, serving more than 95% of the Fortune 1000™, and more than 25,000 experienced professionals.  Together, these support partners, and a national Agent network, afford The Estate Plan Club™ nearly 100,000 Top Tier professionals in all disciplines of estate planning to assure that ample resources are available to always support Estate Plan Club™ member needs.

Absolutely! However, please remember, The Estate Plan Club™ provides you major resources through its Top Tier Partners such as Baker Tilly, Iron Mountain, and our national Agent & Advisor network. Resources such as Tax Attorneys, Accountants, Retirement Experts, Business Planners, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents/Brokers, Consultants, and more – all to help you and your family. Think about this – if people had the right team there would be no need for us. The fact is, they don’t. And, because of that, we’re proud to be that blessing to make sure people have the proper solution and hub to make sure their life and legacy are protected and properly prepared for. Get a plan that you can’t outgrow. Get The Estate Plan Club™ today!

Estate Plan Club™ Members may change their personal profile, including billing information such as a new credit card – or any other personal information associated with their profile, anytime 24/7/365 by simply logging into their dedicated Member Profile. Keeping your profile current is the responsibility of each Estate Plan Club™ Member – so please stay current we so can best help you.

You’ll be comforted to know that the Membership Fee dues you committed to when you joined will NEVER change. Only your status as either Married or Single can change should you become separated or divorced – to which will, of course, be updated not just in your Member profile, but your Estate Plan documents as well to remain current … for life.

Estate Plan Club™ Members are encouraged to update their Estate profile/plan each year. You may update your estate plan more than the provided FREE annual update for an additional cost of $99 per update. Notification will be sent out by email and by SMS Text reminding you when it is time for your annual update. Members simply fill-out any desired updates and/or changes within your Member Portal, to keep you current. So worry not, changes can be made at anytime you feel the need to do so – and we’ll be there to help.

The reasons are many. The common myth is that if you don’t have an estate tax problem, you don’t need estate planning – which is completely FALSE. In-fact the majority of estate planning has to do with issues surrounding keeping your wishes current with Privacy, Health Care/Medical Directives, Asset Protection, Disbursement, Guardianship, Succession Plans, and much, much more. Tax Planning is but one component of estate planning. A proper estate plan is about a life and legacy plan – which we create a central place for everything to keep you organized, informed, and accessible.
Regarding the need for an estate plan and a “living trust” (aka: “inter vivos” or “revocable” trust) is an instrument that holds the assets of the trust creator in a trust for his or her benefit during the individual’s lifetime. Then, upon the death of the trust creator, the assets are transferred to designated beneficiaries by the “successor trustee,” the person who had been chosen by the trust creator to do so.
A living trust’s terms can be changed at any time, or the trust may be cancelled entirely, which is why it’s called revocable.
The reason why all Estate Plan Club™ documents come with a Living/Revocable Trust are many. Here are the top 5 reasons;
1. A Living/Revocable Trust Avoids Probate
Probate is the court-supervised process of distributing a deceased person’s estate. Depending on the estate, as well as the assets and individuals involved, probate can become a very lengthy and costly process, which may not only delay distributions to your beneficiaries for a long time, but also drastically cut down on what they inherit.
By placing your property in a Living/Revocable Trust, however, you can avoid probate because the successor trustee distributes assets according to the trust creator’s instructions without court intervention. This can mean a much faster distribution to your heirs—shortening the time frame from months or years to just weeks—without any heavy additional expenses to the estate, netting far more to the people and causes you care about.
The avoidance of probate may be particularly helpful if you own property in another state, as it would pass directly to your named beneficiary (or Trust Fund) and not be subject to probate in that state.
2. A Living/Revocable Trust May Save You Money
As described above, a Living/Revocable Trust can save large sums of money by avoiding probate expenses at your death.
Living/Revocable Trusts are also likely to hold up better than a will in the event that someone comes forward to contest the distribution, which can also greatly save your estate money.
A living trust is a more complex [legal] document that requires more actions because you also must “fund the trust” with your assets, that is, you would transfer ownership of your property to the trust so the assets are in the trust’s name and not your own. You may also wish to change the beneficiary on your life insurance or IRA or 401(k) plan, each of which requires separate paperwork after your estate plan documents have been completed and you have signed them correctly.
Living/Revocable Trusts may provide large savings for married couples in the form of joint living/revocable trusts, but usually there isn’t much difference in estate and income tax savings with a living/revocable trust. Should a married couple divorce both parties can have this amended to create their owned revised estate plan with The Estate Plan Club™
3. A Living/Revocable Trust Protects Your Privacy
To many, this is the most important reason. As mentioned above, one of the major benefits of a trust is the avoidance of the probate process and keeping your matters private.
A living/revocable trust is a private document between the parties involved, and does not become part of the public record. In other words, no one can later go and search public records to find out more about the distribution of your estate – this is very important to keep your legacy and heirs information and details private.
A will, on the other hand, is public record, so everything in it becomes public as well – a common myth and mistake people make causing incredible frustration, expense, and issues both within and outside of the family unit.
4. A Living/Revocable Trust Assists in the Event of Incapacitation
If you become ill or incapacitated, the person you have chosen as successor trustee can step in and manage your affairs without the intervention of a court. In this way, you can avoid a court-appointed conservatorship for your affairs—the kind that Britney Spears’ father famously had over his daughter’s affairs when she was not competent to handle them herself. This is important in times of accident or medical issues such as a stroke, etc.
Moreover, since a living/revocable trust is fully revocable, you can dispute the implication that you are incapacitated and retain control of your own affairs (so long as you are in sound mind and body at the time).
5. A Living/Revocable Trust Provides Certainty and Peace of Mind
A Living/Revocable Trust from The Estate Plan Club™ sets out a clear plan to deal with all of your assets. This can help prevent you from unintentionally disinheriting someone, can help you provide care for a loved one (or even a pet) with special needs into the future, and even protect assets from certain people or entities.
All of these things can give you peace of mind now, knowing that your estate will be handled exactly as you wish later. The existence of the trust can also provide certainty and comfort to your loved ones during an already stressful time because you’ve laid everything out for them so that important decisions are not made under heavy duress or by one person given power over other who are seen as equals – such as children/siblings, etc.
Deciding Which Is Better: a Trust or a Will
In choosing what is best for your estate—living trust vs. will—it is important to understand the differences between them.
The biggest difference is that a will has no effect on your property while you’re still alive and only takes effect after your death.
A major benefit of the living/revocable trust is that it will not have to go through the probate process, as a will must do, keeping your estate matters private – essential for most people. Also by avoiding the probate this can remove long delays in the release of resources that can often last for years tied up in the court system. All avoided through a Revocable Living Trust.
An an Estate Plan Club™ Member, in conjunction with a living trust (if so desired), you will receive a “pour-over will” to catch any assets that have inadvertently been left out. This would ensure that your property doesn’t fall subject to state intestacy laws, which mandate the distribution of assets not covered by a will or trust. The pour-over will does have to go through probate, which is why having the trust in place is built to protect, preserve, and provide fortified privacy – which most people deem essential to their life’s work and yet another way to protect their family after their passing. Prove positive how The Estate Plan Club™ truly helps you Protect a life’s work and Protect Life and Legacy.