The REP™ | Frequently Asked Questions

The Estate Plan Club™ is America’s premier Estate Planning Club that provides its client members with comprehensive estate planning documents that are kept current and compliant for life, all at a fraction of the actual cost through monthly membership. Each Member’s estate plan documents are fully accessable 24/7 for convenience or emergency through our on-line portal/app. U.S. Estate Planners, Inc. is the creator, owner, and operates as The Estate Plan Club™, with Top Tier service partners such as Baker Tilly, Iron Mountain, and many others, affording world-class support in 147 countries with nearly 100,000 professionals worldwide to provide unrivaled support, service, and authority to comfort member clients and agents alike.

To become an REP™ Agent, you must hold a license as an Insurance Agent and/or Financial Advisor/Planner in at least one state in the USA.

Like it or not, Insurance Agents are not considered a “Trusted Advisor”. However, the Estate Planner is viewed above all other Advisors – able to see all aspects of a person’s life, afforded opportunities that no Insurance Agent would ever get. You get more than the REP™ professional designation, we are your Estate Planning back-office, helping you take your career and practice to a whole new level. By partnering with The Estate Plan Club™ you handle Insurance & Financial Products and we handle Estate Plan document preparation … for life.

The answer is possibly – depending on where you are located and if we have client members that are in need in your area. The Estate Plan Club™ provides membership to the General Public in three (3) ways. (1) By direct Individual Membership, (2) by Employer-Sponsored Group Benefit, and (3) as a Group Benefit to University Alumni nationwide. Therefore, when a new client enrolls, their Estate Plan will need various coverages ranging from Life Insurance, Annuities, Long Term Care Coverage, Medicare Supplement, and more. To help us service our clients, we strive to partner with REP™ Agents nearest the client to write these coverages, to which we coordinate and schedule. This creates fast and easy production revenue for Agents and opportunities they would otherwise never be part of. As The Estate Plan Club™ grows, so to will our need for Agents in every town in America. Becuase we never know when or where a new client member comes to us from, referrals may or may not take place. However, in addition to the added credential & credibility, we also afford the powerful tool of a FREE ($1800 value) Estate Plan Analysis to help prospective clients – whether or not they become an Estate Plan Club™ member. Become part of our national REP™ Agent network today and reinvent your career!

It is estimated that 9 of 10 adults in the United States do not have a proper Estate Plan, and the few that do certainly do not keep their Estate Plan current and compliant each and every year – making any planning that was done, not worth the paper it was written on. Such exposure leaves an entire life’s work to be completely squandered. The Estate Plan Club™ is out to eradicate America’s Estate Plan epidemic. Our further passion is to help convert the American insurance professional to a “Trusted Advisor”, reinvented as a REP™/Registered Estate Planner™. As a REP™, the Insurance Agent’s career is immediately transformed with enhanced Credential, Credibility, Respect, and Production. Plus, the low REP™ membership fees are completely TAX DEDUCTIBLE – making membership also make financial sense!

REP™ Initial Membership Fee = $399.
REP™ Monthly Membership Dues = $39/month (100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE).

The Estate Plan Club™ offers franchise opportunity for a one-time fee of $25,000, $5,000 per year, and 10% of all insurance commissions written. Estate Plan Club™ agencies are independently owned and operated, requiring visable store-front office space, with full brand licensing and support. Agents receive top contracts through our national brokerage, to truly & completely reinvent themselves to provide estate plan help to the genral public, without having to handle any actual estate plan preparation. Application for consideration is simple and easy, done through the website.

No. REP™ Agents are kept seperate from the Estate Plan by design. REP™ Agents are compensated by writing the insurance products that support the a client member’s Estate Plan. We do this for several reasons; (1) to make sure Agents are not party to the Estate Plan to isolate their involvement to the pure placement of coverages, and (2) to keep the costs for client membership to The Estate Plan Club™ low and attractive.

Membership costs are simple & straight-forward. Enrollment is $1,999 (our current promotion is $399 with Promo Code discount EPC80), and just $49/month (Single Person) and $79/month (Married Couple). However, Estate Plan Club™ membership is also available by group benefit to Employees of select Employers and Alumni of approved Universities at an even lower rate. Enrollment takes just a few minutes and is done here at under Membership within our secure portal.
Members receive a $50,000+ Estate Plan at a fraction of the cost through a low monthly payment for 240 months/20 years. Membership is for life and is deemed “paid up” after 240 months regardless of their age. Members continue to receive FREE updates and service for life as a member of The Estate Plan Club™. REP™ Agents remain the writing agent for life for any coverages we deem (together with the client member) are needed in support of the member’s Estate Plan.

None! REP™ Agent affiliation has no Coursework, Testing or CE ever! The REP™ designation is awarded to Agents as part of their professional membership to The Estate Plan Club™ – making it fully Tax Deductible. As an REP™, Agents attract clients/members while The Estate Plan Club™ does all the [Estate Plan document preparation] work as the REP™ Agent’s back-office. The REP™ Agent is an independent representative of The Estate Plan Club™ and is considered the “writing agent” for all Life Insurance, Annuity (401k/IRA Rollover), Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare Supplement needs, and more. Because the client/member is serviced by The Estate Plan Club™, the REP™ Agent remains the writing agent [for all needed insurance-based financial products] for life. In short – Agents do what they do, and The Estate Plan Club™ does what it does creating a powerful, mutually benefical partnership to help one another.

REP™ Agents must deliver at least (1) one new Estate Plan Club™ client/member each year over their 24-month affiliation term or pay a $199 non-production fee for any year they do not meet the minimum REP™ production requirement.

No. REP™ Agents do not participate in the actual construction or drafting of a Member’s Estate Plan, and thusly do not need any such coverages. REP™ Agents (so long as properly licensed) are considered “writing agents” for the Life Insurance, Annuities, Long Term Care, Medicare Supplement, Home, Auto & Personal Liability coverages needed to support the Member’s Estate Plan. Such Agents would carry their standard E&O as part of their producers license.

No. Not at all. The REP™ is a professional desingation, however, because The Estate Plan Club™ does all the actual Estate Planning, you have no requirement to notify your Broker Dealer for any reason becuas Agents & Advisors simply write products. We keep this clear seperation for several reasons – mainly to assure a high level Estate Plan and process for our client member, but also to make sure Agents & Advisors do not take on any liability and simply write the insurance & financial products we suggest prudently support each Estate Plan. This model allows us to have a true partnership with Agents & Advisors nationwide so that each is doing what they do best, and nothing they don’t.

24 Months (fully renewable for an additional 24 month term).

Absolutely not. The REP™ / Registered Estate Planner™ is a professional affiliation issued to Agents who register with The Estate Plan Club™. In actuality the REP™ is a referring professional who gets the client/member, and serves as the writing agent for insurance & financial products in support of the Estate Plan provided by The Estate Plan Club™ while continuing their own independent practice.

REP™ Agents are issued $1,800-valued voucher codes from The Estate Plan Club™ to allow FREE Estate Plan Analysis for prospective clients during their affiliation term. Such analysis will be greatly appreciated by prospective clients, and serve as a major tool in getting the client to become an Estate Plan Club™ Member and/or a client to your practice. The $1,800 Estate Plan Analysis value is quite real, quantified from an intense review and analysis performed across multiple disciplines when the client’s Estate Plan Fact-finder/Profile is submitted to our home office. The review is a substantial, comprehensive analysis of a person’s/couple’s life – ranging from Retirement, Tax, Coverages, Assets, Family, Business, Succession, Medical, and much more, returned as a formal opinion memorandum via email to the REP™ Agent for in-person delivery to the prospective client. During that meeting The Estate Plan Club™ will be available by [speaker] phone to present our findings in an authoritative manner. This report and dialogue is designed to unveil areas where the client is deficient and in need of help, to which is further solved through our review and suggestions of insurance & financial products to which support the Estate Plan we provide.
After 10 Members have joined through the REP™ Agent, 10 more will be issued. These vouchers in CODE form, entered on the Estate Plan Fact-finder/Profile when it is returned to The Estate Plan Club™.

REP™ Agents keep 80% of all insurance commissions on clients they bring to The Estate Plan Club™, and share commissions 50%/50% on clients we send to the REP™, all written through their respective producer/contract number with the insurance carrier selected. And, because REP™ Agents are considered independent, REP™ Agents keep 100% of the commissions they write on all non-Estate Plan Club™ clients. The REP™ Agent structure is in place to enhance the Agent’s career with increased Credibility, Credential, Respect, and Production. Through our authoritative recommendations the insurance & financial products are a bi-product of proper estate planning. This creates a high probability for client engagement, truly reinventing how the Agent does business, and how the Agent is preceived by the General Public. By working within this process, there is no question Agents will greatly elevate all aspects of their business practice as a REP™ / Registered Estate Planner™ with The Estate Plan Club™

When you become a REP™ / Registered Estate Planner™ you get limited licensed rights to use the REP™ professional designation after your name, and use of the REP™ brand/logo in electronic and print format to help enhance your business practice to change how you are preceived and recognized. Any advertising to the General Public must be approved by The Estate Plan Club™ home office prior to use.

U.S. Estate Planners, Inc. (doing business as The Estate Plan Club™) is the creator, owner, and issuer of the REP™ (Registered Estate Planner™) professional designation and trademark.

Baker Tilly is one of the world’s largest professional service firms with expertise in all aspects of accounting, audit, private wealth/retirement planning, business/succession planning, and estate planning. Baker Tilly is a direct competitor to other global industry icons; KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young. Baker Tilly is #5 in the Big 4 of global professional service firms. Having more than 40,000 people in 147 countries worldwide creates a massive resource for The Estate Plan Club™ and its Members. Iron Mountain, brings additional and substantial credibility and resource as the world’s top records management firm, with more than 250,000 clients in over 100 countries. Together they serve more than 95% of the Fortune 1000™.  These iconic support partners afford The Estate Plan Club™ nearly 100,000 Top Tier professionals in all disciplines of an estate and assure that ample resources are available to always support Estate Plan Club™ Member needs. So the next time you hear a person say; “I’ve got a guy” – let them know we’ve got nearly 100,000 of them to create an army of expertise across all diciplines.

Absolutely! REP™ Certificates are available for a fee of $99 that come with your name on it. With your payment, you will be emailed your REP™ Certificate, to which you may print on any type of paper and in any size for framing and display. Just email your REP™ Certificate request to