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  • Referral Agent Agreement (Home & Business Loans)

    OFFICIAL REGISTRATION (Confidential and not shared with any 3rd party ever): This is the official registration with U.S. Estate Planners, Inc. (dba: The Estate Plan Club™ aka: EPC) to serve as a Referral Agent/Agency for our Capital Services Division which provides Home Loans & Business Loans, which services our partnership with our major national Home Mortgage Loan and Business Loan providers. As a registered EPC Referral Agent/Agency you simply refer persons who wish to apply and be approved for either a Home Mortgage Loan or a Business Loan for either the purchase or refinance of residential real estate (primary residence or investment) or for business capital. Our support team will work directly with our lending partners to help manage client accounts in an effort to get the loan processed, approved, funded, and settled quickly (typically within 30 days). Once the loan is issued, the EPC Referral Agents (persons that actually refer the client) are paid a referral fee/commission of $500 to the EPC Home Loan Referral Agent/Agency. Referral Agents are encouraged to establish their own Referral Agency/Network, and are paid $500 whenever any of persons they recruit refer a client who gets a loan funded through our efforts. Commissions are paid by direct deposit from EPC directly to you. Prior to referral fees being paid you will be required to complete an IRS W-9 Form, a Direct Deposit Form, sent by DocuSign™ for e-signature. You may have as many Referral Agents as you wish within your agency, and will be paid $500 as each loan is settled. Registration as a Referral Agent/Agency with EPC is FREE and does NOT require any form of licensing or certification as you are simply referring persons who wish to apply for a loan with our lending partners and in no way are participating in the actual loan process or transaction or the servicing thereof. In order to maintain your Referral Agent/Agency status you must submit at least 1 successful new Home Loan or Business Loan Client every 12 months, and recruit at least 5 people of your choosing per year (through you Agent Number) who agree to do the same within 12 month of this registration.

  • COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING FOR REFERRAL AGENT APPOINTMENT: (All items requested are required by compliance)

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